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Trading indicators for MT4/MT5 and NinjaTrader

mt4 trading indicators

Quantum Trading indicators for MT4, MT5 and NinjaTrader If trading success is about anything, it’s about judging risk. Assessing risk correctly, leads to consistency. Consistency leads to profitable trades. Profitable trades lead to a healthy and growing trading account. In trading there are only two risks to consider:...

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The complete forex trading program

forex trading program

The Complete Forex Trading Program The Complete Forex Trading Program includes all the knowledge and tools you need to succeed as a forex trader. First this includes all of the five modules along with their associated ebooks. Second, this includes the full package of trading...

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Forex for beginners

Anna coulling forex book

Forex for beginners There are of course many books about forex trading. What is different about this book, is the focus on those aspects of trading which I believe are fundamental. After all, there are only two questions we need to answer when considering a...

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A complete guide to volume price analysis

volume price analysis

A Complete Guide To Volume Price Analysis In the UK we have a product called Marmite. It is a deeply divisive food, which you either love or hate. Those who love it, cannot understand how anyone could live without it – and of course, the...

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Forex trading using volume price analysis

forex trading book anna coulling

Forex Trading Using Volume Price Analysis The forex market is perhaps the most complex of all the four principle capital markets. So it is little wonder so many traders struggle to achieve longer term consistency, and profitability in this most challenging of markets. And indeed...

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Dollar struggles against doubts over Fed shift

US dollar rebounds higher having found support at the 79.40 level before closing the week above the psychological 80 level once again. The US dollar is now looking to rally higher later this week. more content about the US dollar Dollar struggles against doubts over...

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