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Trading indicators for MT4/MT5 and NinjaTrader

Quantum Trading indicators for MT4, MT5 and NinjaTrader

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If trading success is about anything, it’s about judging risk. Assessing risk correctly, leads to consistency. Consistency leads to profitable trades. Profitable trades lead to a healthy and growing trading account. In trading there are only two risks to consider:

  • The financial risk
  • The risk on the trade

The first is easy and dealt with as part of your risk and money management. The second is much more difficult to assess. This portfolio of indicators, has been designed with one objective in mind. To address the second of these. In other words, to help you assess, quantify and manage the risk on the trade, from start to finish. Let’s break it down into a simple three step process:

Step 1 – Getting in

The starting point is always the same. Your Quantum Currency Strength indicator. This is all we want to know. Which currencies are strong, which are weak, and which are about to reverse. The extremes on your indicator will tell you this instantly, and across all timeframes. Indeed, speaking of multiple charts, a great way to use the indicator is using two or three timeframes. This reduces the risk still further. After all, if the currencies you are considering are following the same pattern in slower timeframes, then the risk is that much lower still. Are you getting the picture? Simply select one which is strong, and one which is weak, and then it’s off to analyse the chart in more detail. What could be easier?

Step 2 – Staying in

mt4 trading indicatorsThis is the hardest part for most traders. The market never moves higher or lower in a straightforward way. Pullbacks and reversals are part and parcel of every move. But this is where emotional trading decisions can be destructive, both to your confidence and to your account. This is where success lies. If you can ignore these emotions, and continue to hold a position through these phases of price action, then success awaits. This is where the Quantum Trading indicators will come to your aid. They will give you that confidence, that inner belief, and calm the emotional response. Why? Because they are helping you interpret the price action, and delivering clear and simple messages, in different but unified ways. First, the Quantum Trends defines where the price action is in its current journey. Is it a bullish trend, a bearish trend, or so the market in congestion. Next, the Quantum Trend Monitor steps in, smoothing the price action, and giving you the ‘balanced view’ of the longer term trend. These two indicators are like the celestial twins of Gemini – perfectly balanced and working in tandem. Next comes the Quantum Tick Volumes, combining the power of price and volume – the markets two leading indicators. The Quantum Pivots indicator and the Quantum Volatility indicator then describe the price action in detail, keeping you safe,  yet adding further description signals along the way. The Quantum Dynamic Support & Resistance indicator then comes into play, giving you dynamic price levels for possible exits or profit taking, and clearly defining potential areas of support and resistance ahead. Last of course come the indices, all underpinning your chart, and giving clear signals as to the direction of the two major currencies, the US dollar and the Yen. The choice of index is personal, but you have the Quantum DXY or the Quantum USDX, all supported with the Quantum JPYX.

Step 3 – Getting out

Finally it’s time to close your position, but which indicators help here? Well the simple answers is all of them! Let’s take them one by one. First – let’s start with the Quantum Currency Strength indicator. If it was good enough to get you in, then it’s good enough to get you out as well. If the currency pair you are trading has moved from one extreme to another, or perhaps even bunching in the middle of the chart, then this may be the time to close. Next, check your Quantum Trends, and your Quantum Trend Monitor. If the latter is in transition, or has changed from one colour to another, then it is almost certainly time to close. This may also be confirmed with your Quantum Support & Resistance indicator, particularly if the price action is running into an area of clusters. And all the while, your US dollar index or Japanese yen index may also be signalling the same thing. If so, then this is a good time to get out, take your profits, and wait for the next trading opportunity to come along. Its a simple three step process, and with the full Quantum Trading toolkit – even more so, as you are trading using the next generation of trading indicators, designed for one person – YOU. Invest in your future success. Invest in the Quantum Trading full package – NOW.

Trading indicators for MT4 and MT5

Trading indicators for NinjaTrader